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Curtiss-Wright’s early history and legacy are hallmarks of innovation. Man’s ability to fly was, until 1903, a thought that only soared and took flight with dreamers. Through perseverance, the dream of flying became reality.

Our employees get to work on projects that are on the cutting edge of technology, carrying forward our spirit of innovation. If you want to be part of something special, come join us!

Whether you join us as an individual contributor or to lead a team, this is your opportunity to weave your story into Curtiss-Wright’s rich history.

Employee Spotlight

Carmen Scheinost
“I always strive to continuously grow as a person and constantly challenge myself. Curtiss-Wright provides the opportunity for everyone to define their career.  Be it technical or leadership, training and mentoring are available to help us grow. I am part of a great team of talented engineers, working with products of the latest technology, on systems that make a difference for our warfighters. We work in a collaborative environment where we can engage with one another and draw from our diverse experience across projects to overcome technical challenges and be successful. Every voice is heard! Curtiss-Wright is a company with a rich history, that has played a crucial role in Aerospace and Defense throughout the years. Working at Curtiss-Wright brings a sense of pride for being part of an essential business. What we do matters!”
Carmen Scheinost – Software Engineer Manager – Santa Clarita, CA
Anjie Khiali
“I take pride in my work and feel appreciated, my work is being valued, has a positive impact and does not go unnoticed. CW has helped me achieve my goals by providing resources and training for me to be successful at my job. I treasure this opportunity that was given to me to utilize my knowledge and skills in an environment that offers opportunity for advancement. CW promotes a culture where family is important hence a great work-life balance. It's a place I look forward going to everyday, an environment of respect and camaraderie. Looking for career trajectory? CW has a lot of opportunities for career growth, development, advancement, and career satisfaction; hence, look no further!”
Anjie Khiali – Senior Buyer – Mississauga, ON
Josh Bartlett
“Working at Curtiss-Wright has offered me some really fantastic opportunities to work and collaborate with high-level and high-performing people both inside and outside of the company. At several points throughout my time with Curtiss-Wright, I’ve been able to make choices to direct my own career path. I get the most satisfaction out of being able to resolve issues for our customers that they aren’t able to get through on their own. The tools, knowledge, and experience available at Curtiss-Wright gives me the chance to do that often. I am continually impressed by Curtiss-Wright’s investment in its people. I’ve participated in several leadership and career development programs, which have led to meetings with and presentations for many of the company’s talented executive team. I’ve never had this kind of exposure while working with any other company.”
Josh Bartlett – Director, Aftermarket – Idaho Falls, ID
Andrea Leal
“Curtiss-Wright helped me achieve my goals with development opportunities, great leaders, coworkers, and talented people that I work with. We apply teamwork, celebrate achieving goals and ensure the business continuity even during the day-to-day challenges. I have been working for Curtiss-Wright for almost ten years, and it has been a great experience. I’ve had triumphs and success, however with that, I’ve also experienced failures in which I was able to learn from. I enjoy interacting with different types of people providing them with assistance in different tasks. In addition, I love helping others which makes my day-to-day experience of work overall exciting. There is an expression that follows; 'Do what you love, and you will never have to work again' and I feel like I’ve found this in the Human Resources Department. It has been an honor to be a part of Curtiss-Wright. You can also count on all our staff, no matter the location and be able to achieve guidance along with your goals.”
Andrea Leal – Principal HR – Costa Rica
Susan Osborne
“I started my career with Curtiss-Wright as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator. Working with the outstanding Talent Acquisition Team, I was able to be part of a team that strives for excellence. My second role with Curtiss-Wright as a Learning Administrator Associate lead me to my current role as LMS Administrator. Curtiss-Wright has recognized my passion for HR & Learning and has been able to provide me with the opportunity to continue with my career path of Learning & Development within Talent Management. My role offers the opportunity to work with Curtiss-Wright employees on a global scale, keeps me challenged in my everyday work, which is so rewarding. CW excels at promoting the professional development of its employees and works with them to develop a strong career path. The company has a solid sense of team work and celebrates our successes.”
Susan Osborne – LMS Administrator – Ottawa, ON
Daniel Schreck
“Working for Curtiss-Wright has given me the opportunity to put my engineering skills to the test and to learn several leadership lessons that will serve me the rest of my career. There are always new challenges to overcome and old processes to improve. Curtiss-Wright gives you the opportunity to utilize your newly acquired engineering skills, to be on the cutting edge through innovative R&D projects, and to contribute to the nation by producing high-quality defense components.”
Daniel Schreck – Operations Supervisor – New York
Brandon Hernandez
“Our CW Way initiatives allow employees to gain a tremendous amount of experience in a short time by leveraging, visiting, and cooperating within Curtiss-Wright’s multiple divisions and business units. Nuclear power is a long-term solution to the carbon footprint problems we often hear about in the news. Our involvement in this industry and the future of advanced reactors means clean energy for homes and electric vehicles as well as reducing our reliance over the long term on international energy sources and keeping the air clean for future generations. Curtiss-Wright cultivates and supports employee growth through continual training and professional development. The culture here is one that promotes individual success as a strategy for business success.”
Brandon Hernandez – Director, Operational Excellence – Brea, CA
Cesar Gonzales
“I've been a manager in quality for 17 years at CW and enjoyed several satisfactions in my career. In 2020 during the pandemic, I had the opportunity to help the company from different perspectives: due to the shortage of personnel I was planning and running production, inspection and shipping & receiving while keeping the same standards of quality and delivery expected by our customers. CW has helped me achieve my goals in the experiences I have in our day-to-day operations. The CW Learning Management System platform created a few years ago helps me keeping my license active as ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence. My major motivation for me to come to work every day is to greet our people, help them achieve their own goals and have the opportunity to teach them something new. This is a company where new grads can grow a career, where they can apply the knowledge acquired in college and, even, learn more from the experiences of their older colleagues.”
Cesar Gonzales – Quality Manager, Metal Improvement Company, Surface Technologies – Windsor, CT
Albertus Jones
“My career highlight has been arriving to work every day with the understanding that I am a part of an excellent team that supports the U.S. Navy. The logistics team has opened my eyes to the other side of manufacturing. I have been able to grasp the totality of the effort that is invested in procurement and how to ensure our process has the right part at the right time to both our internal and external customers. 'Our Team' keeps me engaged. We are all from different backgrounds with different experiences that makes coming to work not only more fun, but we learn from each other in all areas that makes us an even more versatile. We know we have the support to work our way through anything together. I guarantee you will not be a part of a team that is more dedicated to supporting the U.S. Navy than our family here at Curtiss-Wright. Our vision is clear every day we come in to work and there is nothing more satisfying than a 'Team' all working toward one goal.”
Albertus Jones – Materials Planner, Sr – Summerville, SC

Diversity and Sustainability

At Curtiss-Wright, we provide an inclusive environment and value diversity in the workplace. We offer creative challenges in a variety of areas and the chance to work with team members, customers, and partners around the globe without discrimination or harassment. We are fully committed to conducting business in an environmentally conscious, socially responsible and ethical manner while protecting the health and safety of the Company’s workers and community, and complying with all applicable regulations.

Curtiss-Wright Innovation

From the First Flight at Kitty Hawk, to the first nuclear submarine and beyond, Curtiss-Wright has a rich legacy of Innovation. Our unique and pioneering technologies help shape the future of our markets and improve and secure lives around the world. Today, we are increasing our focus on Innovation even more, as we build a brighter tomorrow.

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