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Our Core Values

Our core values provide the strong foundation for our continued success. These values are reflected in every aspect of our operations. We take these values to heart in its relationships with our customers and employees.



We lead based on vision and strategic direction, empowering employees to reach goals through thoughtful and decisive action.


Customer Focus

We are committed to achieving total quality by meeting our customers’ expectations and delivering products and services in a timely fashion.



Continuing our legacy of firsts, we relentlessly strive for better ways to turn ideas into new business value for our stakeholders.


Teamwork & Trust

Working in a spirit of trust and collaboration, we actively encourage employees to contribute their ideas and innovations to keep our company moving forward.



Success is the result of reaching goals; of continuously learning and improving as individuals and as a company; and of meeting the needs and expectations of our shareholders, customers, employees and the community at large.


Respect For People

We believe that people are our most valuable asset and will always do the right thing in our dealings and interactions with all employees.



We will act with the highest integrity in all of our business relationships and strategic partnerships.

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